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Custom House Portrait

Custom House Portrait

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Your old home is a beautiful thing, so why not have it memorialized in portrait form by another old house lover?

These custom portraits are illustrated using a combination of ink, pencil, and charcoal, on a cradled 10 x 10 inch birch wood panel that stands about 3/4 of an inch proud. Because they are cradled, framing is not necessary. The panel is uncoated, so over the decades the wood under the illustration will darken slightly as an ode to the age of your own home.

When you purchase this painting please send an email to that includes your address, and roughly four to five photos of your house from different flattering angles. The photos should be in as good a light as possible - so early mornings and late afternoons are ideal. Overcast days are the most difficult to work with because of flat light.

Note: Houses are limited to those built before 1970. Please allow up to one month for completion of the illustration.

Please email if you would like to order a custom house portait.